Tuesday, September 14, 2010

The One About... Huh?

Is this punishment for my crimes?

When I was a kid, my mom said I always got "sick" the day after staying up too late. I've been awake far too late for the past few nights, and it's resulting in a strange form of... Oh, what's the word? What was I even saying?

You know that feeling after you've had a dream? In the dream, you've had the greatest idea. It's going to change the world. Then you wake up, and -- poof -- it's gone. All that's left is the lingering dismay of having lost something important. It's so close, you can almost reach it...but, no. That's how it's been today with my writing. And it's not just that a brilliant idea is gone by the time I get to my computer; I'll be in the middle of typing a sentence and forget how it ends. Completing it based on context? No. Nuh uh. GONE.

I'll get some sleep tonight and see if it improves my memory, but I'm not liking this sneak preview of how I'll be when I'm a little old lady. Will it help or impede my goal of becoming a bats#*t crazy old broad wearing mumus, turbans made of tablecloths, and feather boas as I feed my eight hundred cats their dinner of oatmeal-liverwurst cookies? Heavens to hefalumps! I might forget to add the liverwurst.


  1. LOL - This has been my problem for the last few months. My short-term (and let's face it, long-term too) memory has been shot for the past few months. I blame it on my pregnancies (brace yourself for that one - my brain became a sieve during those months) and lack of sleep. I keep hoping it'll get better (I like feeling smart, and rely on it still, even though evidence of it seems to wane daily), but yeah...not so much. Hmm...there was something else I wanted to say...but I can't remember...

  2. I hear you on the pregnancy thing. I lost about half my vocabulary with my first son. When the second came along sixteen months later, that was it!

    It does come back, I'm happy to say. :) (Let's forget my current affliction and hope a few more hours of sleep will help.)