Sunday, October 10, 2010

Cats As Big As Ponies

Wrote 3500 words late last night  of a story that happens in the background of my main novel and will only be dealt with briefly. Woke up this morning and realized that it's not chatty, but it's too much walking and thinking. Walking and thinking does not equal compelling action. Back to the drawing board again, but it sure felt good to be up until one in the morning, writing. I haven't had that kind of workout in a while.

This side story involves my masochistic character. They're suggesting I do this for NaNo and not that other silly thing about the Vaudevillian.

Oh, and I killed time making another useless graphic for High Hog. I'll paste it here and that way I can pretend I was doing something interesting and useful.

 Photo from

We have apparating mice here in the Untitlement household. Lots of slither-slither-thump along the baseboards, then, poof! Mousie's gone. How do they do that? Mousie floo powder? How will we ever trap them? Or it? I'm hoping it's a case of It and not Them. (Suddenly thinking of ants and scary clowns.)  I think a cat like this would be able to do the job handily, but the only way I'm getting one is if some crazy person gives the local shelter a cat that costs as much as a down payment on a house. (But, come on, look at that cat hanging his head out the window of the car in the above link!)

If they ate ants, I might have to hock something to buy one. Well, not really. How big is THAT cat's litter box?

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