Sunday, October 17, 2010

I Feel So Alone

Am I really in such a small minority? Are 99% of NaNoWriMo novelists really writing fantasy/sci-fi/dystopian/vampire stuff? (Not that there's anything wrong with that. Some of my best friends are dystopian sci-fi vampires.)

But really. It's getting scary. I have no right to feel put off since I'm the kid who wouldn't buy or check out a book unless it had ghost or magic or witch or some such in the title. I'm the grown woman wearing an officially licensed Lord of the Rings "Rivendell" ring. (Should I admit that publicly?) (Or that I have Gollum, Minas Tirith, and the Watchers of Rauros on my bookshelf?) (Shh, Caroline. Shh.)

Maybe I'm just bitter because I want to dive in and play on the message boards, too. But unless you're writing about dystopian futuristic societies of vampires who go to high school and fall in love, find out that they're the long-lost heirs to a mysterious kingdom that's under attack, then overturn the government and their cyborgs before blasting off into space to save the universe from psychic copper-plated mechanical men, all of whom have names that seem deeply rooted in Finnish and Welsh...

Lost track of my point there.

Anyway, I'm probably just jealous because it's the kind of book I should be writing, have always imagined myself writing.

Most of the protagonists (including mine, sigh) have red hair. Gotta watch out. I dye my hair any further, I might get sucked into a fictional adventure (of dystopian unicorn princesses with top-notch sword-fighting skills who fight vampires and...)

Vent over.

Bought myself a gigantor box of gummi bears to last me through next month. Hopefully that will quell the demons.


  1. If you were a real LOTR fan you would have forged the ring yourself out of pewter or sodder instead of buying the officially licensed one.

    What kind of book are you writing for nanowrimo?

  2. Hangs head.

    Does it count that I got my kindergartner and first grader to dress as Bilbo and Gandalf this Halloween?

    My novel for NaNo this year seems to be a cross between Gypsy and The Bean Trees, but I hope to make it unique.