Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Dumb Dora Is So Dumb...

Today, I realized that my children have no idea why I reply to their assertions that something is sooo [whatever] by shouting, "HOW [WHATEVER] IS IT?"

They've never heard of The Match Game. Heck, most adults in their twenties and thirties probably never heard of it. But, in my head, I'm hearing a studio audience roar it in unison as Charles Nelson Reilly and Brett Somers snicker drunkenly in their upper tier seats and Richard Dawson tries to hit on everyone in America from front row center. Someone was always smoking, too.  That's how old these memories are.

Hi, I'm the Dennis Miller of my own household. Which...in and of itself...is an obscure reference... Sigh.

Old Mama was sooo old [that's your cue], she went to blog about something interesting but instead wound up {BLANK}.


  1. How old was she???

    OMG, that is SO funny! I remember The Match Game, too; one of my favourite TV shows as a kid (besides The Banana Splits, of course!)! Cheers!

  2. Oh, how I loved Match Game! Do you think they were actually drunk? And what does it say about our childhood culture that we have such strong memories of game shows? I guess game shows were the reality shows of their day? Because aside from Happy Days and Laverne and Shirley, it's all game shows for me.

  3. They sure seemed inebriated one way or the other. ;)

    From an article on Brett Somers: "In the 'retro reunion', she conceded that the "Match Game" panel did occasionally get drunk on vino, in between tapings."

    I'm surprised that I loved Match Game as a kid. I think that most of the double entendre went right over my head.