Monday, January 31, 2011

Anna Karolina

Eighteen years ago today, I was just getting settled in here for my semester abroad in St. Petersburg, Russia.

We took our classes in the lower blue buildings surrounding the cathedral. Our housing was a block away.

I'm transferring old handwritten journal entries into a Word document, which is a cringeworthy experience.  Talk about an unreliable narrator!

Have you ever read old journals or letters from an experience you thought you remembered clearly, only to find that time has given you a clearer perspective, and you were no more than an [expletive]?


Just me?

Because my semester in Russia plays out like a really pathetic version of Anna Karenina without the dramatic train incident.
I call this one Lady with a Swamp Rat on Her Head.


  1. First of all, you look absolutely gorgeous in that photo, and you can totally pull off that chapeau. :)

    Secondly, you had your classes in THAT building--WHAT?

    Thirdly, I had to laugh about the unreliable narrator in the journals...I still have all my 99 cent composition books chock full o' angst. They crack me up because they're all ranting and raving about various boys, and I guess I thought I was SOOOO important that I would always remember who and what the hell I was talking about (um...nope. :))

  2. I wish I had my old journals. Lost them in one of my many moves across the country.

    That's a great picture, by the way. Love the hat!

  3. Just had a lightbulb moment. The hat's called a shapka. Chapeau. Shapka. You do the math. ;)

    I never set foot in the cathedral for some reason, but, yep, I went to class in the buildings surrounding it five days a week. I went from Southern California strip mall to THAT.

    I have my high school composition notebook journals, too, and occasionally I read them and get caught up in the whole, "Well, did he like me? Or not?" It doesn't matter. But it DOES. And there's no solving the mystery. ;)

  4. Eee! Silly as my journals are, it gives me a panic attack, thinking about losing them. I'm sorry that happened to you.

    Thanks about the picture. :)

  5. Well... I used to write in a diary, but just never seem able to stick to it for any substantial periods of time.

    No idea why though...