Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Life in the Bermuda Triangle

What do you get when you combine the following?
  • strep throat
  • lingering influenza
  • migraines
  • an emergency root canal, extraction, crown, and fillings for one's kindergartner
  • a husband working long painful hours
  • a broken axle followed by a complete engine fail on one of your two (aging) cars (leaving you stranded since said husband has the other car with him at work day and night)
  • ongoing deposits of mutilated rabbit parts in your side yard from some unknown predator*
  • etc.

My month! Woohoo!

It's all made extra special by the fact that we owe $$$ in taxes this year, and that we have a bad, bad, bad case of The Economy, doing things previously unknown outside of games like Monopoly or Life. So, yeah, this one-car situation? It's gonna last.


Nevertheless, things go on. I haven't had a single speck of inspiration for blogging, and I've been kind of caving it from the outside world (working on a long hermit beard), but I've been reading like crazy, and, better, I'm writing. Nothing special. Nothing good. Nothing important. And that makes it all the better. I just sit down, dim-minded, and I go, just see what happens. I've written 22k words over the past two weeks. I'm grateful. It's made a big difference.

I also have the distraction of American Idol -- hours of frothy television I'm actually happy to watch this year. Let us never speak of last year again. (And, if anyone cares, I'm rooting for James Durbin and Casey Abrams.)

So, relevancy shall return, but, for now, I leave you with a few funnies. First, a short from Britanick Comedy. Second, an ad that makes me happy -- cats with thumbs!

*[ETA: The predator revealed itself today -- a redtail hawk who ate two pigeons in our yard to entertain my children.]


  1. I hope the Economy gets better soon, for you and for plenty of others. Sounds like you've been productive--made lemonade so to speak!

    Cats with THUMBS! Hilarious! I laughed out loud and now my dog is looking at me funny. If he only knew...

  2. Wow, your life kinda sounds like a set up for a thriller! At least you're writing...
    ...and for your sake, I hope cats don't grow thumbs--somehow I have the feeling that would only complicate your life!

  3. Sorry your month has been so kerflooey. But glad to hear you're writing your way out of it. Just hearing that energizes me. :) (Do not understand that phone video at all, btw. The cat one is cute.) xo

  4. Hey! You read my beloved book, "The Pull of the Moon!" Did you like? :)

  5. Thank you all. :)

    I really liked Pull of the Moon! It was much lighter than I expected, uplifting, and there were so many good insights. So much to identify with.

    One line that struck me was when she was pondering the inevitability of aging and death:

    "It's as though a thing says, I told you. But you thought I was just kidding."

    I think everyone feels that way on some level, but it has extra meaning to me now, looking in the mirror (as she describes) and realizing the face of my youth is never coming back. There is no "next time" for that.